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      Company profile

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      Fihonor Group • Yantai Yuanming Textile Tech. Co., Ltd. which is located in yantai hi-tech zone, is mainly engaged in research,development,production and sale of pretreatment,as well as printing,dyeing and finishing auxiliaries for textiles.The company has been certified as "Yantai Science and Technology Enterprise".

      There are more than 30 series and more than 300 varieties of self-brand auxiliaries. The technology center has been awarded the title of "Yantai Environmental Protection Textile Printing and Dyeing Auxiliaries Engineering Research Center". Because of in-depth research on process and auxiliaries of textile one-step room temperature pretreatment, textile continuous cold-batch pretreatment, multi-element sodium silicate resin elastic permanent finishing, it has achieved a number of leading scientific research results at home and abroad. Among them, the continuous cold-batch pretreatment process and auxiliaries for textiles have won the national invention patent. The non-silicon Jingmiansu products have passed the Intertek certification, Bringing breakthrough changes to the textile auxiliaries industry with excellent quality.

      In November 2017, Yantai Yuanming Textile Tech. Co., Ltd. merged into Fihonor Group and entered a new stage of development.

      Friends Link: • Qingdao Fihonor Chemical Science&Technology CO., LTD . • ALIBABAB
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